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It's Time For a FREE Resource!

Here are some of the most common questions I am asked by parents:

What's the difference between a School Psychologist, a Licensed Psychologist, and a Neuropsychologist?

At what point does my child need a Developmental Pediatrician instead of, or in addition to, our regular Pediatrician?

There are so many different types of therapists! How do I know who does what and which therapist best for my child?

It can be super confusing, so I've created this FREE resource that explains it all. You are Parenting On Your Own Path, so you need to start here with this free download to learn all about who does what and how they can best help your child. I've also included a worksheet to help you keep all the info about your child's team all in one place.

Once you build your child's team, you will have experts to guide you on this journey when you have questions or concerns.

Stay Connected!

~Dr. Emily

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