Are you feeling overwhelmed by your child's needs or recent diagnosis and don't know where to begin?


As a child psychologist and parent who is also walking this path, I understand how overwhelming it can feel and want to share with you all that I have learned.


This self-study online course is designed for parents ready to shift their mindset and better understand the neurodiversity of the child they are raising. Are you ready to feel more capable on this journey?


When a parent is first concerned about their child's development, learning, or behavior, it's hard to know where to begin. Some journeys begin with a teacher conference while others start when a family member shares their concern. As parents, realizing your child is on their own path in development can feel extremely overwhelming.


Parenting On Your Own Path [The Roadmap] includes six lessons with videos and printables for you to learn about neurodiversity, organize your thoughts around your child's strengths and needs, better understand learning, emotions, and behaviors, and build your confidence as a parent raising a differently-wired child.

Lesson 1

Understanding Your Child's Neurodiversity

Lesson 2

Shifting Your Mindset Away From Traditional Parenting & Towards Parenting Your Child

Lesson 3

Understanding How Emotions are Connected to Learning

Lesson 4

Decoding Your Child's Behaviors & Redefining Expectations

Lesson 5

The Art of Setting Limits With Your Neurodiverse Child

Lesson 6

Embracing Your Child and Building a Supportive Village for the Future



[The Roadmap] Course includes all video lessons plus bonus printables for mapping out your child's journey. Printables include worksheets for mapping out your child's skills, needs, and goals, visuals for support talking to your child about their brain, and more. You will walk away from the course with individualized notes on how to approach parenting with your child and your family.  

Family on Digital Tablet

  • Your child has just been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, giftedness, and/or twice-exceptionality and you are feeling overwhelmed by the psychologist's report.

  • You are trying to parent your child with a traditional model of rewards and consequences and it's just not working. 

  • You are interested to learn more about maintaining a positive relationship with your child but they experience big feelings and explosive reactions.

  • You want to learn more about how behaviors are connected to anxiety, sensory differences, and frustration related to learning.

  • You want to learn how to teach your child about their brain, motivate them on their own path, and build a supportive tribe to celebrate your child on their journey of growing up.


  • This course is not a substitute for working with a mental health provider in your area who can provide you individualized recommendations for your child.

  • This course is not a substitute from your own mental health treatment as a parent. Any parent who is feeling so overwhelmed that their daily functioning and/or health is being impacted, should consult with a mental health provider in their area for individual treatment.


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